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Payroll Tax Field Audit

Legal and tax advice in payroll tax field audits

Payroll tax law is a complex area of the law, which has many pitfalls for employers. Many regulations in payroll tax law are continuously modified. Additionally, a company owner is permanently involved in the many other concerns of his business, which may result in a certain degree of negligence creeping into his compliance with payroll tax laws. Payroll tax auditors are aware of this, which often results in back taxes being assessed as a result of intensive investigations. When a payroll tax audit is ordered, the company owners should be even more eager to identify the pitfalls entailed by these audits and bring the audit to a satisfactory conclusion. Our tax law specialists in Cologne competently and efficiently support company owners in payroll tax audits. Our practical experience in this area stems from the former employment of our tax law specialists with the Tax Authority.

Facts about payroll tax audits

Opinion of LHP Attorney on the definition of payroll tax field audit and the statutory provisions, opportunities for legal protection and recommended conduct during an audit. Checklist for an audit order.

1. What is a payroll tax field audit?

2. What conduct is recommended for the company?

3. Checklist for an audit notice.

4. Conduct during a tax audit

5. What is the procedure for concluding the audit?

6. Tax assessment notices based on the audit

LHP Attorneys and Tax Advisers
Complex area of payroll tax law: In payroll tax field audits, it comes down to the best possible preparation. Our experience as tax law specialists and advisers in Cologne assists you in payroll tax field audits.

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